New propoganda attack against the Shah from the BBC

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The role of the BBC in the Iranian revolution of 1979 is well established. The BBC not only supported Khomeini, but would also in fact report about false demonstrations against the Shah etc. BBC`s role in the revolution is so clear and lucid that Iranians call it “Ayatollah BBC”.

Now, in an effort to again try to delegitimize the Shah, BBC has produced a new documentary on the Iranian celebrations of 2500 years of Monarchy in Iran. Read more about the festivities on this site:

BBC`s documentary on Iran´s Persepolis festivities is highly biased with only one goal, and that is to try to destroy the image of the Shah as a modern leader bringing Iran prosperity.

Mr. Cyrus Kadivar, an Iranian journalist has in an article discussed the festivities and the claim by the BBC that these celebrations lit the fuse of the Islamic revolution in Iran. Do not miss this great article: