Only some days ago, the American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology, published our paper on 19 victims of homicide and attempted homicide in Sweden.

The curious one is very welcome to read the paper. Please share your views with me.

In this short comment I want to highlight a very interesting finding. The study is conducted in Sweden. What we can see is that knife/sharp weapon is the most common type of weapon used (52.6%). Firearms are used in 36.8% of all cases. This is a very high number for Sweden. Much higher than both its neighbors as well as the rest of Western Europe. The number for Norway is between 19-21%, for Denmark it is between 0.4-19%, Finland lies on 16% and Holland is close to 35%. For other western European countries, the number of fire-arm related homicide is close to 19%. With western European countries we mean UK, France, Germany etc.

In comparison, our study shows a very high number of firearms used in homicide and attempted homicide which is highly troublesome.

And as I am writing this post, I receive news about a new shootout in Malmö, south of Sweden, in the center of the city, in the daylight.

4 Responses to “More shootings in Sweden than rest of Western Europe?”

  1. Rasmus strandmark

    “All cases during five years in a district court in Sweden, where an offender had been convicted for homicide or attempted homicide, were identified”. How is this cohort representative for all homocides/attempted homocides in Sweden? It just strikes me as odd to look at convictions in a district court if you what to know how people are being murdered in a country as a whole?

    • ardavan

      Dear Rasmus,
      Thank you for your comment. You are absolutly right that our study has limitations. All studies does.

      Some remarks:
      1. We did look at district court (Tingsrätt), and also looked at the court of appeal.

      2. We did NOT look at ALL homicides in that specific city we evaluated. We only looked on cases where one or more offenders were convicted by the court. Looking at ALL homicides would indeed, in this specific city, give us far more homicides and attempted homicides with firearm. Tens of these cases remain unsolved.

      3. This cohort may not be representative for the whole Sweden, but it fits very well reports from among others the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (BRÅ) stating that firearm related violent crimes are increasing in Sweden and not least in Skåne.

      4. The absolute best way to do a study is of course to look at ALL homicides. And that is something we are working at. However, let me remind you that most of the gang related violent crimes are conducted with a firearm. And the majority of them remain unsolved.

      Our study in a specific city and with only 19 victims are far from the truth. But I believe, that it shows to some degree, how the future may look like.

  2. CL

    Hello Ardavan. Very interesting article. Beautiful webpage also. Au revoir!

    • ardavan

      Thank you very much my friend


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