I am a lecturer in both Medicine (Lund University) and Criminology (Malmö University).

In discussing medicine, I hold lectures for clinical medical students with focus on Emergency Medicine and trauma.

In discussing criminology, I am active at the international masters program in Criminology where I hold lectures on criminality and mental ill-health as well as offender profiling.

I also hold presentations in different subjects with regard to medicine and criminology at various conferences, for different organizations and other academic institutions.

Part of my responsibilities in discussing the university is to supervise and examine students. I have therefore been supervising several students in their thesis in both medicine and criminology. I have also been an examinator for other students thesis’s.

Through the years I have also been a peer-reviewer for several scientific journals and I am currently a Senior Editorial Board Member of BMC Emergency Medicine as well as an Academic Editor for Medicine. In 2017, I was also a expert for the New England Journal of Medicine’s discussion group “Oxygen Therapy in Suspected Acute Myocardial Infarction”, arranged by Medstro.

A full detail of all my activities can be found on my profile at the research portal of Lund University.