Marie Väfors Fritz and I have together compiled a new book in English on criminality in the city of Malmö, southern Sweden. Finally the book is ready and can be bought at Studentlitteratur which published the book.

As editors, both Marie and myself have done our best in order to give out a book that describes the situation in Malmö. The book is now out and is titled: Crime, Victimization and Vulnerability in Malmö. It is constituted of 9 chapter and 12 individuals have contributed to the book: emergency physicians, criminologists, one police chief, psychiatrist and a psychologist.

About the book:

Malmö and its inhabitants are living in a historical era and in a changing environment – in a city that has grown with 43 percent since 1990. Crime, Victimization and Vulnerability in Malmöpresents a selection of current research, and the impact that crime,victimization and vulnerability have had on Malmö since the early 2000s.

Crime, Victimization and Vulnerability in Malmö addresses topics such as gun and explo-sive violence, arson, offender characteristics, hate crime and victimological aspects. The book also discusses the link between crime and substance abuse,presents a crime victim study of EU citizens, and invites readers to listen in on a conversation between a criminolo-gist and an active-duty police officer. Finally, a psychiatrist reflects on how society’s inte-raction with people with antisocial problems has changed over time.

The book has a clear link to Malmö, but can be used to understand crime, victimization and vulnerability in other places. Readers are encouraged to reflect critically on crime, victimization and vulnerability, and on how these are portrayed both in the media and in the book itself. The hope is that this book will contribute to the discussion on Malmö’s crime, victimization and vulnerability and that it will inspire thoughts, questions and curiosity about criminology as a subject.

Anders Andersson/Studentlitteratur AB

About the editors:
Marie Väfors Fritz holds a PhD in Psychology and is a senior lecturer at the Department of Criminology in the Faculty of Health and Society at Malmö University. She researches issues relating to individual attributes, including impulsivity and psychopathic tendencies of life course persistent offenders as well as factors relating to crime and substance abuse entries and exits. Internationalization and acculturation are important elements in both her research and teaching. Marie is the Assistant Head of Department, Director of Studies and Program Coordinator and teacher and supervises at the undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate levels.

Ardavan Khoshnood is a senior resident in Emergency Medicine at Skåne University Hospital i Lund and holds a PhD in Clinical Medicine, Emergency Medicine. He is also a criminologist at the Malmö University and focuses of offender profiling, criminal intelligence and serious violent crimes. Ardavan also holds a master´s degree in Political Science från Malmö University and a bachelor´s degree in Intelligence analysis from Lund University.

Information about the book:

Marie Väfors Fritz
Ardavan Khoshnood

Contributing authors
Athina Brunner
Ulf Ekelund
Manne Gerell
Martina Lengel
Sten Levander
Peter Lindström
Caroline Mellgren
Kajsa Rydén
Ulf Sempert
Simon Wallengren






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