Firearm-related violence in Sweden is increasing sharply [1]. We have significantly more shootings, and not least firearm-related deaths, than our neighbors in the Nordic countries [2]. Using figures from the police [3] I have made the graph below. The figures for 2017-2019 are permanent. As for 2020, I will continuously update the figure regarding firearm-related deaths, by using open sources. Unfortunately, it is not as easy to use open sources to update the number of shootings and injuries, since many of these events never come to the media’s attention, and initial reports can later prove to be incorrect. Just above the graph, I will write the date for the latest update as well as a link to the open source that confirms a firearm-related death.

Last updated: 2020-12-03,–man-anhallen

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[1] Khoshnood, Ardavan (2018). Firearm-related violence in Sweden – A systematic review. Aggression and violent behavior 42: 43-51.

[2] Khoshnood, Ardavan (2019). Holding Sweden hostage: firearm-related violence. Forensic sciences research 4(1): 88-93.