These are some of my current and past projects resulting in a book or at least two published articles.

  • The Shah of Iran and his Cancer

    The project aim to evaluate the cancer of the Shah of Iran.

    In 1979 the Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, left Iran. One year later he passed away after battling cancer for several years. Still, close to 40 years after the death of the Shah, the details about his disease remain blurry.

    The project aim to evaluate and to better understand the details of the Shah´s cancer, and whether western intelligence agencies where aware of the Shah´s condition.

  • Crime in Malmö

    The project aim to publish a book on crime in Malmö.

    Malmö is the third largest city in Sweden, and is highly affected by criminality, and not least firearm-related violence.

    By gathering experts in the field of criminology, the project aim to give a snapshot on the crime so highly affecting Malmö.

  • Offender Profiling and Victimology

    The project aim to map and analyze offenders and victims of violent crimes.

    Homicide and violent crimes are not rare in Sweden. Most studies on offenders committing violent crimes are, however, based on anglo-saxon literature. This is also the case in discussing the victims of violent crimes.

    This project aim to analyze and present offender profiles as well as describe the victims of violent crimes. Another aim of the project is to understand the injury panorama and the cause of death in violent crimes.

  • 0/1h High-Sensitive Troponin and Acute Coronary Syndrome

    The project aim to evaluate whether 0/1h Troponin can safely rule-in/rule-out Acute Coronary Syndrome.

    If a 0h/1h protocol implemented in routine care can rapidly identify a large proportion of chest pain patients suitable for early discharge with no need for further cardiac testing, this may reduce ED and hospital crowding, objective testing, health care costs and will benefit both patients and the health care system.

  • Firearm-Related Violence in Sweden

    The project aim to evaluate and adress the firearm-related violence in Sweden.

    Sweden has in recent years witnessed a high increase in firearm-related violence. Both national and international reports as well as articles, state that Sweden has probably the highest rate of firearm-related violence in Western Europe.

    This project aim to evaluate the firearm-related violence in Sweden in regard to rate, homicide and suicide.

  • The Supplemental Oxygen in Catheterized Coronary Emergency Reperfusion (SOCCER) Study

    The project aim to evaluate the role of oxygen therapy in patients with heart attack.

    ST Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI) is the result of a complete or partial occlusion of a coronary artery giving rise to myocardial ischemia on the base of termination of oxygen supply to the myocardium.

    A cornerstone in the treatment of STEMI has for the last 100 years been oxygen therapy. Some studies, however, suggest that oxygen therapy may be harmful in patients with  STEMI.

    We therefore conducted the SOCCER project to evaluate the effects of oxygen therapy in STEMI patients.