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The Al-Masri Assassination: Another Iranian Intelligence Failure

CriminologyIntelligence AnalysisPolitical Science
Ardavan Khoshnood
Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies, Perspectives Paper, No. 1825
Publication year: 2020

”Sweden needs a State Criminologist”

CriminologyPolitical Science
Ardavan Khoshnood, Sten Levander
Svenska Dagbladet, 1 Sep
Publication year: 2020

Characteristics of convicted male-on-female rapists in the South of Sweden between 2013 and 2018: a pilot study

CriminologyIntelligence Analysis
Emelie Stiernströmer, Marie Väfors Fritz, Caroline Mellgren, Ardavan Khoshnood
Forensic Sciences Research, 5(2):126-133
Publication year: 2020

Deadly violence in Sweden: Profiling offenders through a latent class analysis

CriminologyIntelligence AnalysisMedicine
Ardavan khoshnood, Henrik Ohlsson, Jan Sundquist, Kristina Sundquist
International Journal of Law and Psychiatry, 71(July–August):101603
Publication year: 2020

Profiling Lone-Actor Terrorists: A Cross-Sectional Study of Lone-actor Terrorists in Western Europe (2015–2016)

CriminologyIntelligence Analysis
Mohamamdmoein Khazaeli Jah, Ardavan Khoshnood
Journal of Strategic Security, 12(4):25-49
Publication year: 2019