Publication Types:

Crime, Victimization and Vulnerability in Malmö

CriminologyIntelligence AnalysisMedicinePolitical Science
Marie Väfors Fritz, Ardavan Khoshnood (Eds.)
Publication year: 2019

Holding Sweden hostage: firearm-related violence

CriminologyIntelligence Analysis
Ardavan Khoshnood
Forensic Sciences Research, 4(1):88-93
Publication year: 2019

Increased Firearm-Related Violence in Sweden: A Challenge for Emergency Medicine

Ardavan khoshnood
Swedish Society for Emergency Medicine, National Meeting in Emergency Medicine, Stockholm
Publication year: 2019

Firearms policy, suicide prevention and the swedish model

CriminologyMedicinePolitical Science
Ardavan Khoshnood
Suicidology Online, 9:4
Publication year: 2018

The Firearm-Related Violence is Increasing (Swedish)

Ardavan Khoshnood
Dagens Samhälle, 21 May
Publication year: 2018

Firearm-Related Violence in Sweden – A Systematic Review

اردوان خوشنود (Ardavan Khoshnood)
Aggression and Violent Behavior, 42(September-October):43-51
Publication year: 2018

Psychiatric diagnosis is scarce among gang-members (Swedish)

Ardavan Khoshnood, Marie Väfors Fritz
Läkartidningen, (8):347
Publication year: 2017