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The correlation between mental disorders and terrorism is weak

CriminologyIntelligence AnalysisMedicinePolitical Science
Ardavan Khoshnood
British Journal of Psychiatry Bulletin, 41(1):56
Publication year: 2017

Offender Characteristics: A study of 23 Violent Offenders in Sweden

CriminologyIntelligence Analysis
Ardavan Khoshnood, Marie Väfors Fritz
Deviant Behavior, 38(2):141-153
Publication year: 2017

The Rosengårds Report is still Current (Swedish)

Intelligence AnalysisPolitical Science
Ardavan Khoshnood
Dagens Samhälle, 19 Apr
Publication year: 2016

The Death of an Emperor – Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi and his Political Cancer

Intelligence AnalysisMedicinePolitical Science
Ardavan Khoshnood, Arvin Khoshnood
Alexandria Journal of Medicine, 52(3):201-208
Publication year: 2016