In 1979 the Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, left the country as an Islamic Republic was founded by Rohollah Khomeini. Since then, hundreds of million dollars have been used by the Islamic regime in Iran to destroy the image of the Shah and the monarchy. Today, as 38 years have passed since the Islamic take-over of Iran, and 37 years have passed since the death of the Shah in Cairo, we clearly establish that the Islamic Republic has failed.

Indeed, the support for the Shah is increasing for everyday, as the people of Iran to a greater degree understands how the many accusations towards the Shah and his reign was mostly lies and fabrications. The support for the late Shah and the monarchy is of such magnitude that the Islamic regime has stated that the monarchists are the largest threat to the regime: Abbas Salimi Namin, a high ranking member of the Islamic regime and close to the supreme leader Ali Khamenei, former editor-in-chief of the influential newspaper “Kayhan” and later the director of the “Office of Iranian History”, stated in an interview with the “Student News Agency” that the monarchists are the greatest threat to the security of the Islamic republic.