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Improving Machine Learning 30-Day Mortality Prediction by Discounting Surprising Deaths

Background Machine learning (ML) is an emerging tool for predicting need of end-of-life discussion and palliative care, by using mortality as a proxy. But deaths, unforeseen by emergency physicians at time of the emergency department (ED) visit, might have a weaker association with the ED visit. Objectives To develop an ML algorithm that predicts unsurprising…

Glucose and high-sensitivity troponin T predict a low risk of major adverse cardiac events in emergency department chest pain patients

Background Glucose is emerging as a biomarker for early and safe rule-out of acute myocardial infarction in emergency department (ED) chest pain patients. We evaluated the diagnostic accuracy of dual testing with high sensitivity TnT (hs-cTnT) and glucose for prediction of major adverse cardiac events (MACE) within 30 days. Methods This was a secondary analysis of…

Swedish Researchers Face Prosecution for Study About Immigrants’ Prevalence in Rape Verdicts

During the data analysis, Lund University researchers found that out of 3,039 offenders included in the study, 59.2 percent were immigrants, of whom nearly half were born outside of Sweden. The report made waves in a country were mapping criminals’ ethnicity has long been considered unethical.

Rootsis näidishukatakse teadlast, kelle uurimus kinnitab, et enamik vägistajaid on immigrandi taustaga

Nüüdseks on Sundquisti ja tema kolleegi, professor Ardavan Khoshnoodi koostatud uurimustöö kohta esitatud kaebus ja vastav komisjon peab langetama otsuse, kas teadlastele oli antud „eetiline luba“ tegeleda „tundlike andmete uurimisega“.